Sunday, December 28, 2008

Part 2 of The Battle To See Which 8-8 Team Will Undeservingly Make The Playoffs

With Ed Hochuli over 2000 miles away in Green Bay overseeing the completion of the worst 16-game performance in NFL history, Chargers fans can put their screwjob conspiracy theories away and be thankful that they control their own destiny, despite being 4-8 a month ago.

The Chargers are 8 1/2 point favourites, which is somewhat terrifying; no team playing a critical game whilst coached by Norv Turner should be such a high fav.

Nevertheless, a win would mean vindication and justice served for a San Diego team that has had more bad breaks than Elijah Price.

Plus there's the potential added bonus of having an 8-8 Chargers team get in ahead of an 11-5 team, possibly the Patriots.

Nothing would be sweeter than seeing my Chargers in the playoffs with a .500 record, the Pats out - and hearing retahded Bahston fans whine that it's unfair. Fuck you, ya cheating chowdahheads.

Chargers! Broncos! Two teams that are lucky to even be in this position! Cockbag quarterbacks that you love anyway!

It's Sunday Night Football (thanks to flex scheduling) on NBC!

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