Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fantasy Hockey Tip For December: Get Flyers

Every so often in fantasy leagues you run across "the homer": the dude who picks everyone from his favourite team.

That dude usually gets laughed at, and usually with good reason. Regardless of how good you think your team is, having a ton of guys from that team is rarely a smart strategy.

Rarely...but not never. I encourage you to go out and grab any available Philadelphia Flyers you can get your hands on, because these guys are ri-goddamn-diculous right now.

Philly has 38 goals so far in the month of December, and have scored at least five goals in four of their last five games.

Obviously you won't find guys like Jeff Carter or Simon Gagne on the waiver wire, but your Scott Hartnells and Joffrey Lupuls of the world might still be out there. Both Hartnell and Lupul had four points in a 7-1 thumping of the Washington Capitals.

The Flyers also have nearly double the shorthanded goals of any team in the NHL, so if your league has that stat, you would do well to pick up or trade for a Flyer or two.

One of the dudes in my hockey league has achieved a Borat level of great success with the strategy: his Flyer-heavy lineup has catapulted him three spots in the standings this month.

Just pretend it's 1995 and that every Flyer is on the Legion of Doom line.

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