Monday, December 22, 2008

Broncos Lose Two More Running Backs; In Other News, The Sun Came Up Today

The football gods are trying to tell Mike Shanahan something: quit fucking around with your running back depth chart.

The Broncos added Selvin Young and P.J. Pope to the already lengthy list of Denver backs on the IR, bringing the number to a whopping seven.

SEVEN injured running backs?!? That is beyond chance.

This is a clear message to Coach Shanahan that the fantasy world is sick and tired of him naming a different #1 RB every goddamn year, only to totally lose faith in him and end up promoting the 5th-string guy to the top spot by the end of training camp.

The guy goes through tailbacks like Hugh Hefner goes through blondes: several at a time.

Remember Olandis Gary? Quentin Griffin? Reuben Droughns? Shanny nearly went with Homer Simpson one year.

The last man standing in the backfield (for now) is underwear-stealer Tatum Bell; Denver has signed a couple of complete nobodies to back him up.

Sadly, the lack of a running game might actually help the Broncos this Sunday against the Chargers, who have a sorry excuse for a pass defense.

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