Monday, December 29, 2008

NFL Sunday Review in 10 Photos

The Bills reveal their commemorative Scott Norwood goal posts.

"Are we...did we just make...does this mean...the tie doesn't matter?"

There's way too much writing on the bags to make sense of any of it, but I think the take-home message is that the Jets eat cock.

"Kurt, I'll tell you now what I told you in '94 at Packers training camp...I'm NOT into it."

If the Ravens and Eagles meet in the Super Bowl...

...the fan death count will be in the thousands.

"Gardening, motherfucker! I love horticulture!"

The lineup for the 0-16 Post-Game Buffet, aka the highlight of Detroit's season.

"You're exactly right, Joe...these girls are sluts, no question about it."

So long, 2008 NFL Regular Season!

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A Web said...

fucking Aikman has never had an original thought in his broadcasting career...i swear he refered to the Cowgirls as "we" 6 times last sunday