Friday, March 06, 2009

The Pantheon of Raptors With Hilarious Names...

...just got a new addition. The Raptors have signed British native Pops Mensah-Bonsu to a contract for the rest of the season.

The question you should be asking yourselves is not "Where does this dude fit in to the Raptors' plans?", but "Where does this dude's name fit into The Pantheon of Raptors With Hilarious Names?"

Let's find out...

15) Maceo Baston - It just screams "total scrub". What's in a name? In Baston's case, everything.

14) Kornel David - Sounds like the leader of a cult.

13) Acie Earl - Would have fit in nicely on the Flint Tropics.

12) Zendon Hamilton - This dude failed to reach the minimum score on the SAT nine times. NINE times! To be fair, no rocket scientists are ever named "Zendon".

11) Voshon Lenard - Probably the only man in the history of the universe to be named "Voshon". Seriously, Google that shit.

10) Lindsey Hunter/Tracy McGrady/Tracy Murray/Sharone Wright/Andrea Bargnani - The Pantheon's Wing for Dudes with Girls' Names.

9) Popeye Jones - Dude looked like an alien. Must have been all the spinach.

8) and 7) Pops Mensah-Bonsu/Pape Sow - The Raptors have the market cornered on guys with Pop in their name.

6) Mamadou N'Diaye - 3 Pops and a Mama. We're a goddamn 1960s folk group!

5) Roko Ukić/Uroš Slokar/Primož Brežeć/Rasho Nesterovič/Alex Radojević/Žan Tabak - That's a lot of funny-looking accents!

4) Jamario Moon - A cross between a Harlem Globetrotter and a Nintendo character.

3) Mengke Bateer - The only Chinese-born player in Raptor history. His name in Mongolian means "Eternal Hero." In English, it means the exact opposite.

2) Muggsy Bogues - A name with serious mob potential. Say hello to my little friend, indeed.

Aaaaaand number 1...

Haywoode Workman - The Haywoode Jablome jokes are classic. And he went to Oral Roberts! It writes itself.

Special mention goes to Patrick O'Bryant for having the most Irish sounding name for a 7-foot black guy.

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