Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday! You're A Deadbeat Dad!

And the 2008-2009 Toronto Raptors season hits rock bottom.

Raptor Bosh a deadbeat dad, lawsuit says

Raptors star Bosh says he'll 'take care of responsibilities'

This adds further weight to my belief that superstar athletes and celebrities should never get married.

The story also serves as the worst hangover ever, since it comes on the heels of Bosh's 25th birthday and a mega-party at Maro on Sunday night.

It's safe to say that the days of fun-loving, goofy Chris Bosh are over, and perhaps so are his days as a Raptor. Hard to have a deadbeat franchise player, unless you're the former Seattle Sonics with Shawn Kemp; I'm thinking they were just trying to set some kind of crazy record.

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