Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Maddening End to Day 2

Two overtime games to close out Friday night, upsets galore, plus a few busted brackets...that's the good stuff!

And kindly move over, WVU: you've got company on the shit list.

Florida State and Wake Forest were bounced in the first round, sending two more of my Sweet 16 teams home.

Many people had the Demon Deacons going much further (to the Final Four and beyond in some cases), so they're understandably more devastated than I am.

Next up, the round of 32. This weekend's games determine the Sweet 16 and pretty much dictate whether you've got a shot in hell at winning your office pool.

Until tomorrow, may your brackets remain merely dinged up, and may all your games be called by either Gus Johnson or Bill Raftery. TO THE TIN!

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