Sunday, January 04, 2009

NFL Sunday In 10 Photos

"Honestly? I have NO idea how we got here!"

That's it, kid, learn how to lead with your head, so one day you too can suffer a serious concussion just like your favourite Dolphins!

They should replace the William Penn statue on top of Philadelphia City Hall with one of Akers in this pose.

These douchebag Miami fans have #17 painted on their faces. #17 is Brandon London...the 5th wide receiver. No wonder you guys lost!

Bon Jovi approves of the hair though; even he couldn't get it that spiky back in the 80s.

Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends, currently dating Eagles WR Hank Baskett. How could you possibly get with a girl after Hef fucked her? Talk about sloppy seconds.

Whoa...after Kendra, seeing this Mummer is like that scene in A Clockwork Orange.

This dude has to be the retarded son of one of the '72 Dolphins that won't stop reminding everyone they're the only team to go unbeaten.

*pointing to owner's box*

"See, Mr. Lurie? I'm not a useless husk of a coach!"

Sorry, Dolphins fans, there's always next year, when the bitter disappointment of seeing two other teams play for the Super Bowl in your own backyard will make 2008 seem like a dream season!

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