Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First Of Many Depressing Reads About The 2009 Toronto Blue Jays

Hot Stove Daily: Toronto Blue Jays

Here are some highlights in case you'd rather not wallow through the misery (and I don't blame you):

"Whatever hopes the Blue Jays had of competing in 2009 evaporated when right-hander A.J. Burnett elected to sign with the Yankees." (Without our #2 starter, why even try, right?)

"The Canadian dollar has taken a big hit, the team’s owner, Ted Rogers, died of congestive heart failure in early December, and...the Blue Jays would not be allowed to reallocate the $12 million they saved on Burnett." (I guess terrible things happen in threes, too.)

"While every other team in the division reloaded, Ricciardi has been forced to stand idly by, an uncomfortable position for a GM who has been in charge for seven years and has one second-place finish to show for it." (Translation: J.P. = gonzo)

"The bullpen, with four lefties – B.J. Ryan, Jesse Carlson, Scott Downs and Brian Tallet – was terrific, but middle relief is perhaps the game’s most unpredictable variable." (Just in case you were considering Carlson, Downs or Tallet for your 2009 fantasy team)

"...with an emasculated rotation and no loonies to spend, they are built to compete in 2010."

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