Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Picked Up Chicks With Andrea Bargnani

OK, not really. It was a dream I had last night.

After another Raptors defeat (that's reality), Bryan Colangelo uncharacteristically lost his temper and starting setting the room on fire (incidentally that room was the party room in my apartment for some reason).

Everyone starts freaking out, Bargnani and I bolt to the elevator and get out of the building.

I guess Bargs wanted to take his mind off things, so the next thing I know we're at a poolside bar/restaurant with a bunch of girls.

He found one he liked and took off with her; must be real tough to find women when you're a 7 foot tall Italian basketball player. *cough*

Anyway, nice to have a dream that doesn't involve me getting shot or something, though I suppose I should be distressed that I'm dreaming about dudes.

I will say this; based on the way things went, being Andrea's wingman would be pretty awesome.

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