Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Kids > Two Blown Saves

Toronto sports fans - aka, the worst - have been quick to jump on new Jays closer Sergio Santos for costing his team 1.2% of the season, because, again, they're the worst.

Santos, to his credit, has admitted he's been overthrowing and thus letting the pressure of April baseball in Canada get to him (ahem), but perhaps this tweet from Shi Davidi sheds more light on Santos' possible "distractions":

On side note, Santos will be leaving team after Wed game for birth of third child Thurs. Set to rejoin team Saturday.

Having another child is a "side note"? This pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Without going all Ozzie Guillen on this, the reasonable human beings trolls ripping Santos should really reassess their own priorities.

As a new dad I've learned that everything is secondary to the health and well-being of my family, as it should be. Has that attitude affected my performance at work? Probably, yeah. Do I let it keep me up at night? Absolutely not; I need my rest for when Hannah keeps me up at night.

Perhaps we need to remember that athletes are people with families, too, and perhaps their performance at their jobs gets affected by major life events, too, just like us.

So how's about we cut the man some slack? Or we can just watch how Coco Cordero does as the interim closer this week. That might also work.

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