Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Creepy Commentators and Great Baseball-Related Movies

So after a three-week European vacation that was bookended by a month of being a lazy fuck, it's time to get back below the line.

And what better way to return from a near two-month absence than with one of the greatest unintentionally hilarious videos of the year?

In this YouTube gem, former NFL wide receiver and current Monday Night Football commentator Cris Collinsworth speaks very, um, candidly about the type of girls (and I do mean girls) he goes after, now that he's bringing in the big-time bucks (side note: thank God the NFL is back. Sundays have meaning again).

And since it's 1984, the high comedy extends to the halftime segment's packaging, complete with Rod Stewart background music and a ridiculously constructed throw, which begins with a super-long pan down to the reporter "chatting" with other "party-goers".

Everything about this clip is fucking awesome, and is worth repeat viewings.

And speaking of repeat viewings, any fan of great sports movies (or great movies in general) should definitely check out the movie Sugar.

The film follows the story of Miguel "Sugar" Santos, a Dominican pitcher trying to make it to the big leagues and provide for his family living in poverty back home. But it's not really about baseball: it's about culture shock, loneliness, and a man who has to face reality when his life-long dream begins to fall apart.

Sugar is at its best when there's no dialogue whatsoever; Algenis Perez Soto's uncomprehending, mournful gaze at the foreign world around him is both incredibly emotional and compelling.

And for anyone who's played any sport long enough to consider themselves an ex-athlete, the moments when he questions himself and his abilities feel as real as your own.

Plus there's a special treat for baseball nuts: a cameo from former big-league pitcher Jose Rijo!

Sugar is out on DVD now, so go watch it: you will not be disappointed.

And oh yeah, five people were inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame yesterday, including someone named Michael Jordan (hey, didn't he play for the White Sox?)

Tomorrow: the return of NFL Sunday Review in 10 Photos! Enjoy Week 1!

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