Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some more stuff for today.

Mikael Tellqvist. WOW. Anybody who says he shouldn't be the #1 goalie for the Leafs after Belfour retires better have watched tonight's game, because he was amazing.

I'm not sure why people don't think he's capable of starting...he's perfect for the Leafs' style of play, which in case you need a refresher course, is as follows:

1) Don't play defense.
2) Goalie stands on his head.
3) If #2 is happening, increase #1.

If Eddie calls it a career, I'm backing Tellqvist...unless they can snag Roberto Luongo or something.

And also, please kill Joe Theismann. PLEASE! He is the worst fucking football announcer on the planet. At least John Madden is unintentionally hilarious...Theismann is just a goddamn idiot.

In today's Skins-Bucks game, Redskins safety Sean Taylor got thrown out of the game. They showed on the replay that Buccaneers running back Michael Pittman whacked Taylor in the helmet, and Taylor got penalized. Theismann says, over and over, "That's a terrible call, that's just a bad call, ridiculous", blah blah blah. It was later revealed that Taylor spit at Pittman, and that's why the ref tossed him. Without flinching, Theismann goes, "Well he deserved to get tossed then." AAAUGH! The ref knows better than you, jackass! He's on the field, and you're orbiting Uranus (heh). Especially after he just sung the praises of the refereeing staff as being the best in the NFL. He is so infuriatingly stupid and is almost always completely wrong. The only time he's right is when he states the absolute obvious, like "That was a big hit" or, "They need to get him the ball so that he can make plays."

He also starts every comment he makes with either, "We talked to so-and-so" or "You talk about so-and-so". It's like those two qualifiers kick in his commentating auto-pilot, and then he blathers on about shit that either has nothing to do with the play, or describes exactly what just happened on the play, as if we weren't just fucking watching it.

Can we pay the dude that ended Theismann's playing career to end his commentating career as well? Because that would be super.

Even better...what's Terry Tate up to these days?

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