Sunday, January 29, 2006

8 in a row!

Eeeeeeeeeeee...this is getting ridiculous.

What's the answer? Firing Quinn? Trading Sundin?

How about bitch-slapping the players who take stupid penalties?

In another the-NBA-is-fucking-retarded move, Chris Andersen was banned from the NBA for testing positive for an "abuse drug", ie. cocaine, heroin, etc.

Fun fact: The same result can be achieved after testing positive for steroids four times. FOUR TIMES.

This means that you could be roiding it up your whole career and get caught four times, or do one line of coke and get the same penalty...unbelievable.

It's the Ross Rebagliatti marijuana thing all over again. Those drugs don't enhance performance (if anything they hinder it), and yet they are given the same weight as steroids.

Andersen was a character, but also a great teammate, and it shocks a New Orleans team that's already dealt with a lot of adversity this season. And he can't even apply for reinstatement for two years, and there's no guarantee he'd get back in.

Chances are his career is over, and it's sad. Professional athletes everywhere are cheating every day with steroids and stimulants and whatever else they can get to give them an illegal edge...and Chris Andersen does a recreational drug that has nothing to do with his on-court performace, and he's out of the league.

Fucking. Retarded.

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