Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All is not well in Leafland.

We've lost 3 in a row (possibly four, down 4-2 to Minnesota in the third), Lindros is hurt bad, Tucker is hurt bad, McCabe is possibly hurt bad, and Belfour is stinking it up.

The Leafs are only two points away from being 9th in the it time to panic? Maybe.

What's worse is that this year we have very little room to make trade deadline moves, being so close to the cap.

But unfortunately, management has delusions of winning the Cup, so they won't do the things necessary to make the team viable for the future (ie. making Tellqvist #1, trading for young defensemen, etc).

Unless we magically get healthy come playoff time, this is a one-and-done team. Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Carolina are far superior clubs, and I doubt we'd make it past Buffalo or the Rangers at this point.

You can call this me taking one foot off the bandwagon, and kinda letting it drag on the road...and if things don't get better, I might start putting some weight on that foot.

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