Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The World Baseball Classic, or "Please Lord, don't get injured..."

Watching my first WBC game as I write this...the Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela.

It's been a great game, but the Dominicans are blowing it open in the top of the 9th.

This clearly means a lot more to the Latin teams than other teams; the fans are going crazy with every play, running around in the stands and jumping on the railings.

Something tells me we won't be seeing that for Canada and Mexico, or Italy and Australia.

A lot of players will be treating this like spring training, and so a few games might be going at a 60-70% clip. Their teams are holding their breath hoping none of their stars get injured.

Even though this tournament is designed so that the Americans make it to at least the final four, it would be nice to see an upset, a la Argentina in basketball.

Unfortunately an early US exit would likely sound the death knell for the WBC after just one go-around...this tournament needs American interest to be sustainable, which is a shame.

This is truly the "World Series" of baseball...we'll see if it lasts.

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