Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dadpost: Solid Food Progress Report & New Blog Digs

It's been so far, so good in the solid food department for Hannah as she goes past the 6-month mark. Sarah and I have offered her solids twice a day on average for the last few weeks, and with the rare exception she's taken to them quite well. 

Her first solid food was Gerber Rice Cereal, but now that she's had food with actual taste she won't touch the stuff. I don't blame her really; if I was just discovering my sense of taste, bland rice cereal would be somewhere near the bottom of my list as well.

As the cook of the family, I've been waiting for this time in Hannah's life with much anticipation. For you see, one of the items we received at our baby shower was a Baby Bullet (thanks, Tina!)

There are not enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately convey how much I love this thing. It purees enough food for several servings, it's super easy to clean, and comes with jars that you can store either in the fridge or freezer. On each one is a little dial with the days of the month so that you can keep track of when the food was made (it's good for 3 days in the fridge, 30 in the freezer).

Combine the Baby Bullet with my rice cooker for steaming vegetables and I've got a formidable arsenal in the battle to provide nutritious homemade food for Hannah. 

Hannah's order of preference (roughly): bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, sweet potatoes with chicken. Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to add meat, but the added texture has proven a little difficult for her to handle. Although I am happy to report that today's feeding session with the sweet potato/chicken blend went well.

Next up are squash and broccoli with beef, which I just made this evening for her to try out over the next week.

We also give Hannah jarred baby food for variety and for ease of feeding during the day. She absolutely loves Gerber peas, and also enjoys the Heinz Apples & Strawberries.

Hannah's watched Sarah and I eat our meals at home with great interest, so it fills me with joy to be able to truly make her a part of meal time.

And now for a mini-announcement: I am pleased to report that Below The Mendoza Line has hooked up with the fine folks at Next Impulse Media.

You'll be able to see my sports-related posts at Cosby Sweaters, and my Dadposts at Playground Dad, so check out my stuff on there coming soon!

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