Friday, May 25, 2012

Dadpost: Baby's Growing and Mommy's Famous

Hannah will be four months old on Monday, and it's amazing how much she's grown up already.

She locks eyes with us in the morning and lights up, smiling wide and often. She loves watching Sesame Street in her rocker, sitting in her high chair while Sarah and I eat, and playing with her various toys and her various entertainment centres. She enjoys going on trips to the library, the mall, and to visit her grandparents.

Of course, it's not all smiles und sunshine. We're pretty sure she's getting her first tooth, so she's been mega-drooly and irritable the last few days, to the point where it's affecting her ability to sleep through the night, something I was definitely getting used to.

Also, as the weather gets hotter, so too does our non air-conditioned apartment. An overheated baby is not a happy baby, so we've been running the fan and cool mist humidifier to keep everyone's body temp down.

But overall, things are going well. I got home from work today and - after washing my subway-ridden hands - swept her up in my arms. The feeling of holding her as she cuddles into my shoulder and neck is indescribably blissful, and the 9 hours or so spent away from her are quickly dismissed and forgotten.

While I'm away, Sarah is at home taking excellent care of Hannah, and when she has the chance has been blogging about her first journey through motherhood.

Today we learned that she's been nominated as one of Toronto Mom Now's 30 Ultimate Mom Bloggers, and is in the running for a contest to determine who's got the best mom blog.

You can vote for YYZ Bambina Blog starting May 29 here.

Way to go babe! Hannah and I are proud of you.

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