Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Italy vs Ukraine

Worlds are colliding! It's on...this is the finals for our group of friends.

I'm predicting another 1-0 win for Italy, mostly because Ukraine will sit back like they did against the Swiss.

It'll be boring, and somewhat ugly (not as bad as some of the other games...I'm talking to you, Portugal) but a win is a win.

And oh yeah, for all the people who are bitching about the supposed no-call in the Australia's called justice. Materazzi's red card was bullshit (it was no more than a yellow)...and Guus Hiddink had it coming after getting every friggin call in 2002 when he coached South Korea.

Plus if you look closely, the Aussie defender was definitely trying to impede Grosso. Just because he didn't slide tackle him doesn't mean he wasn't trying to trip him up. You might not like the timing, but it's a with it.

Forza Italia...let's make perogies out of the Ukraine!

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