Monday, May 29, 2006

Imagine being in line for a beer at a ballgame...

And a retirement plan literally falls into your hand.

38-year-old Andrew Morbitzer, a San Francisco native, is the proud owner of Barry Bonds' 715th home run ball.

He caught it with one hand, after it dropped off the roof and into the concession area.

Luckiest. Bastard. Ever. If it were me, I'd sell it and allow the good times to subsequently is too short for working and that bullshit.

As for Bonds, the record means nothing to me on any level. He still cheated, he's still a jerk, and he's still second. He's 40 away from Hank Aaron, and at his current rate, he ain't gonna do it.

And frankly, I'm glad: Hank Aaron is all class. Remove the first two letters from class, and you have Barry Bonds.

Of course, congrats to the Oilers...first Cup final since 1990...and even though my Carolina Hurricanes jersey is due to arrive for the Stanley Cup, I'm backing the Oil.

Going to the Jays game after work to catch Doc Halladay & Co take on the Red Sox...after taking two of three from the defending champion White Sox and still 5 games over .500 without 3/5 of their starting rotation, they're still in good shape I think.

So go Jays, go Oilers, and um, go catching a money ball while in line for a beer.

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